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Do you think Jason Grace is better than Percy Jackson?

Asked by ♥luke, Sơȵ ơƒ Hϵґɱϵѕ♥ 3 years ago jason jason vs percy

I think Percy's more awesome

by Ellen  3 years ago

Percy Jackson is a better!! Also, he's my half-brother BUT, Percy was offered to be a god! He's caring, funny, can kick butt in battle, sarcastic, smart, and just plain awesome. He also thinks about other people! Not just himself. (I'm NOT saying that Jason does that.)

Jason Grace is too serious... Even though he's still cool and smart, Percy's better. Sorry!

by Claire  3 years ago

Percy, battled 3 titans and defeated two of them (hyperion is supposedly stronger than krios) and think about all of the monsters he's fought and killed-i mean the kid defeated ares the god of WAR at the age of 12 ;D

by Fin 1 year ago

Katie Gardner
They're both awesome.

by Katie Gardner 2 years ago

Jason did defeat a Titan except krios didn't take a dip in the river Styx Luke did so I would say percy

by Jose 2 years ago

I love them both

by Karina 3 years ago

Hiresh Hudor
Big brother percy all the way!!!

by Hiresh Hudor 3 years ago

(IRL Percy. I just like him more because he's funny, sarcastic, caring, etc)

Jason! Even though he thinks it's weird when we think of him as a leader...

by Piper  3 years ago

♥luke, Sơȵ ơƒ Hϵґɱϵѕ♥
*is handing out leflets on why Jason is better than Percy*

I think Jason should be leader...well second leader (I am the leader! *Hermes zaps him* oww! ) I mean,..Jason is just more better, he is younger, fresher and stronger. *Taps Jason's arms* (Jason looks confused as he is sitting eating with Piper) *steals a sandwhich* After all this hero took on the giants and he can make himself sound better with his roman talk. Percy is a failer, a fool, a pawn to the Olympians while at least Jason can stand up for himself!

by ♥luke, Sơȵ ...  3 years ago

One word, Jason

by Thalia 3 years ago

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